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The monocross is a kind of monoski invented by fine Mr Oldenburg ( Austria) of the 80s very early for his time because it has a shape which looks like the skis of certain brands developed for 5 years only, it is very short and very wide with a very big nose, an hourglass figure and a much narrower and a much narrower heel. it's a machine very players, easy in bumps, for the jumps, the small bends he addresses the people who want a playful, original board and with a big character.

Sold without bindings.
Pack advised with:
Bindings: LOOK NX12 B90 / SPX12 B90
Monobelt & Leash

nose width:
270 mm
Waist width:
210 mm
Tail Width:
240 mm
Milieu chaussure:
580 mm
Front rocker:
300 mm
Rear rocker:
80 mm
Front radius:
7 500 mm
3.20 kg

Monobloc Structure
Extruded base
Standard steel edge
Poplar woodcore
Bidirectionnal fiberglass
Structured Top Sheet